Our Studios

The SpeedyHeadshots Studios are located in Central Toronto just East of Downtown and easily accessible through public transport or via the DVP. Guest parking is available within the building.

Studio 1


The piano room is one of our most frequently booked studios. It's about 1,100 sqft. and features a variety of beautiful artwork, a sofa/ lounge area, multiple chairs, a bench, some plain white, gray, and ebony walls and of course, an incredible grand piano.

This studio is ideal for headshots for more creative roles. It gets lots of soft beautiful natural light, but we also always have a variety of flashes, diffusers, and other modifiers available for your shoot.

Studio 2


The lounge room is one a photo studio ideally for larger groups and individuals alike. It features a large U-shaped sofa which is approximately 20ft on the long edge. It also has a few staging areas with designer chairs and stunningly beautiful, modern artwork. There is also a textured dark brown wall that looks fantastic for your corporate headshot photos.

The studio is approximately 900 sqft. and it receives lots of natural light on the side facing our outdoor area. We, of course, also have our studio lighting equipment available so we'll get you great headshots, rain or shine.

Studio 3


Studio 3, the meeting room, is a slightly more formal-looking studio featuring a massive meeting table with 16 chairs. Many of our clients that are looking to take headshots of their entire management team make use of this studio. It also features a small kitchen area, which we sometimes use for hair and makeup during our photoshoot sessions.

The studio itself is about 1,200 sqft. large and has direct access to our outdoor space. Furthermore, there is a small coffee table area with two comfortable swivel chairs. Textured walls abound in this studio and both natural light and studio-lit sessions are possible here.

Outdoor / Patio / Garden

Adjacent to our three studios, we also have a large garden and patio area with lots of great spaces to take headshots. Whether you're going for a more natural look, want some direct sunlight, or simply enjoy being outside while having your photo taken, our patio is ideal. It's massive in size and offers a variety of great backdrops. Check the below gallery to see some of the backgrounds as well as our sample gallery of shots actually taken on the patio.


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We are based in downtown Toronto in the Regent Park area, cross-streets Dundas & Sumach

Toronto, ON, Canada

170 Sumach St.