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How Much Do Headshots in Toronto Cost?

How much headshots in Toronto cost depends on a few factors. The time you shoot, the number of looks you want, how many images you'd like to be delivered, as well as the experience and quality of your photographer.

Getting new headshots is an investment into yourself and your career advancement! Below I'm exploring some of the factors that influence how much your headshot session in Toronto costs and try helping you find a suitable photographer for your budget.

The cost of headshots can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the experience and reputation of the photographer, the location, the type of session, and the number of edited photos included in the package. It's best to contact photographers in your area to get an idea of the current rates

How much headshots in Toronto cost depends on a few factors. First and foremost, most photographer charge clients based on how much time they take to shoot with you, how many looks you'll get (see more on that below) and how many images will be delivered as finals after the shoot is done. More time means the cost goes up. More different looks means that your photographer needs to create a new lighting setup or change your background and that requires time and thus brings the cost up. More images to be retouched and delivered, also means that there likely is a higher cost associated with your headshot photo session. Last but not least, how much headshots in Toronto cost also depends on the experience level of your photographer.

Mini sessions cost

Like with any business, time = money so the amount of time your photographer spends with you determines how much they will charge for their services. Keep in mind that the actual shoot time often seems very short because it's the time to set up, that is what is most time-consuming for your photographer.

If you just need quick headshots for LinkedIn or social media, typically what photographer call a "mini session" will be fine. Those sessions rarely take longer than 20 minutes and the cost ranges from $175-$300. We actually specialize in Linkedin Headshots which includes a mini-session package.

Professional Headshot session cost

Like the mini-session, a professional headshot session is a photo shoot that focuses on creating high-quality, professional-looking headshots for use in a variety of contexts. Usually the duration is a bit longer and it's often suited for people that need something for their website and personal online brands. The headshots are often used for things like business websites, social media profiles, and resumes, and are typically taken by a professional photographer who has experience creating headshots that accurately and effectively represent the subject. A professional headshot session typically involves the photographer directing the subject to achieve a range of poses and expressions, as well as using various lighting techniques to create the desired effect. The end result is a set of headshots that can be used to make a strong first impression and communicate the subject's professional persona.

Pricing for a professional headshot session in Toronto usually starts around cost ranges from $300 and can go as high as $750. In most cases you get more shooting time with your photographer and sometimes can even shoot multiple looks with them (so you change your clothes/ lighting/ the background. At SpeedyHeadshots we offer professional headshots sessions for as little as $375.

Executive Headshot session cost

Executive headshot sessions are mostly for senior personnel or organizations. They are usually best suited for client-facing team members and are significantly more involved than the other two headshot types.

For executives, portraying a professional image to the outside world is often paramount so during an executive headshot session, your photographer will take more time with you and make your senior leaders feel comfortable so they can look their best.

The cost for an executive headshots session in Toronto starts at $500 but can easily be triple that reaching $1,500 and more. Keep in mind that your photographer will be spending a lot more time with you and make sure you get to see the images during the shoot so adjustments can be made as required. Our executive packages start at $575.

So there you have it. How much headshots in Toronto cost depends on a few factors such as the length of the shoot, whether you need more than one image, and the experience level of your photography team. Prices in Toronto start as low as $175 for mini sessions but can reach $1,500 and more for executive photo shoots.

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