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How much headshots in Toronto cost depends on a few factors. The time you shoot, the number of looks you want, how many images you'd like to be delivered, as well as the experience and quality of your photographer.

There are three broad professional headshot types: corporate/business, actor/creative, and modeling headshots. They vary in terms of how they are shot, used, and what they cost.

Professional headshots primarily show your face. This should be in a well-lit environment on a non-distracting background. The intent of the image is usually a commercial one - to market yourself.

Business headshots are a must-have for any established professional, or if you're looking to apply for a new job. If done right, they will subtly influence the person prior to meeting you that you are competent and that you have something that they will want. Since we have been getting this question a lot, we decided to put together these 7 business headshot tips for you to look your best.

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