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Professional Headshot Types

There are three broad professional headshot types: corporate/business, actor/creative, and modeling headshots. They vary in terms of how they are shot, used, and what they cost.

Everyone needs professional headshots. Whether you're a business person, an actor, a real-estate agent, a manager, a therapist - to present yourself to the outside world, a headshot is crucial for your success.

What are Professional Headshots?

Professional headshots are photos of a person that knows they are being photographed. This happens either in a studio or other well-lit environment. Moreover, these headshots are intended to market the person in whichever field they're active in. I discussed what headshots are and their key components in our blogpost "What are Professional headshots" in detail.

There are three different professional headshot types, all of which we offer at

Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots are by far the most common of the professional headshot types. I personally love them and we have a full separate page on Linkedin Headshots. They are used in a business context and are used on company websites, business cards, press releases, Linkedin and other professional social media profiles. We also frequently get clients using them as speaker photos when they go to trade shows.

Most corporate headshots are displaying the subject's friendliness and competence. Furthermore, they are meant to evoke trustworthiness and likability. I and all the members of my team will help you get those natural smiles out of you. Corporate headshots are often used by CEOs, members of the board of directors, lawyers, medical professionals, marketers, salespeople, and others working in larger organizations.

Used by: executives, lawyers, doctors, business professionals, real estate agents

Style: simple & clean, monochromatic is acceptable

Outfits: typical work attire

Posing: friendly but not overly smiley

Backdrops: muted/ plain colors complementing your outfit

Prepare: sleep well, test your outfits prior to shooting

Cost: anywhere from $250-$1,000 per person

Actor & Creative Headshots

Actor or acting headshots are distinct from corporate headshots. They allow for a lot more freedom in terms of facial expression. You are allowed to show a lot more of your personality. They are also less tightly cropped compared to corporate headshots.

The intention of an actor headshot is to showcase the range of emotions you can bring to the table. That gives casting directors and other decision-makers an idea if you'll fit the role.

Creative headshot sessions typically last a little longer and should give the subject a good set of images to apply for different types of roles they wish to audition for. For musicians, often their headshot is using intense saturations and colors, more creative angles, and give them a variety of choices to match their style.

Used by: actors, musicians, singers, TV-personalities

Style: ranging from simple/clean, to creative and colorful

Outfits: appropriate for the role you're auditioning for, but neutral enough to show you as a "blank canvas"

Posing: full range of emotions and expressions

Backdrops: not overly distracting, but colors are totally acceptable

Prepare: sleep well, test your outfits prior to shooting

Cost: anywhere from $500-$2,000 per person

Modeling Headshots

Modeling headshots are a series of photos of an aspiring model alongside their measurements. We often also refer to them as comp cards as do agencies. The photos taken during a modeling headshot session can vary from very clean simple minimalistic looks, to elaborate editorials. They are often done in black and white to not distract the viewer by the attire of the model. This helps them judge if the model will look good on a job.

Modeling headshots tend to involve larger teams. For instance, there will be the model, someone from our team, a hairstylist, often a separate makeup artist, a wardrobe stylist, a lighting assistant, and more. If you are already signed with a modeling agency, they will often connect you to some of the best fashion photographers. Our team has a lot of experience in working with aspiring models and you can book your portfolio session with us. Check out the Model Headshots section of our website.

Used by: model/ aspiring models

Style: simple or editorial styles

Outfits: for modeling test shoot, tight-fitting non-distracting outfits are ideal

Posing: full range of fashion poses

Backdrops: varies by assignments

Prepare: moodboard, creative vision, hair & makeup, sleep well, test your outfits prior to shooting

Cost: anywhere from $4000-$2,000 per person

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